Tabokoto dumpsite faces heightened Banditry

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Tabokoto dumpsite area has over the months been facing growing night attack spree by gangsters.

Commuters say security in the surrounding area is very demoralizing as people are frequently attacked especially during the night.

Sanna Dampha, an elderly person who resides in the area said there is a need for government to speed up its efforts to boost security in the area. He said that would reduce the systematic attacks on innocent people in the area. 

Mr. Dampha said bandits who hide in the dumpsite at night “systematically” victimize people in the area.

Recounting one of the incidents, Mr. Dampha said one businesswoman was robbed of her D9000 by bandits who normally hide at the dumpsite.

He called on authorities to help the community in the area by getting those bandits out of the place. He also said the other option would be to help clear the dumpsite. 

Author: Sheriff Saidykhan