T. Smallz European tour gaining momentum

Friday, July 05, 2019

One of Gambia’s finest singers and songwriter, T. Smallz has started his annual European tour on June 21. He will be performing in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Austria. The tour has already begin to gain huge momentum.

Organised by Worriors in a Dance and Katato Entertainment, his first performances commenced in Germany at Pays Club, Wuppertal on 22nd June and on 28 June at Club Casablanca, Karlsruhe.

On 20th July, he will perform at Club Calwer, Stuttgart and on 3rd August at Diamond Dance Café, Halle Saale. On 10th August in Austria Vienna, at Na Nang Club, while Italy will be on 16 August Playa Catania Lido Jolly Club, on 17 August at Replay Club, Bologna, in Sweden he will play at Styrsofestiven and Switzerland, Belgium are lineup.

He told journalists shortly before leaving the Gambia that the objective of the tour is meant to reach out to fans across the globe, hence his music is not listened by only Gambians. “It is prudent to do more shows in Europe in building more audiences and contacts.”

He said Switzerland and Belgium are lined up with studio sessions with artistes, video shooting, duplates sessions with deejays, producers and promoters across Europe and they are open to more bookings.

T Smallz assured his fans that quality entertainment will be guarantee especially live band shows, adding that the tour will be special as he has new song video for the fans in all kind of music, like reggae dancehall, afro beat and hip-hop.

He pointed out that he has released  new single ‘Problem’ ft Lil Omz and has also shot a video called ‘Elafta Elafta’ which is the first single from his album in progress called ‘Level Low’ with different producers both home and abroad. “This is a big up liftmen for my music to represent The Gambia across the globe in educating and entertaining the global fan. I am calling on my fans across the globe to get ready for amazing shows coming at your various cities,” T. Smallz, widely called Katato said.

“I am urging Gambian DJs to keep supporting and embracing Gambian music by playing it in their various concerts because a lot of good music coming out from the Gambia. We commend them for promoting Gambian music but it should be more,” 2013 Nominated Male artiste of the year said.

 About T Smallz

Ebrahim Suso, best known by his stage name Trobul Smallz is a Gambian hip-hop, Afro-beat and reggae singer. He was born and raised in The Gambia to a family of traditional Griots.

 He is the chief executive officer of Katato Records The Gambia. Smallz started his music career in the streets. Despite his love for soccer, he decided to venture into the music business and began recording. His first song ‘Rise n Shine’ was recorded and produced at Adent Studios in Bakoteh. He released a second single called ‘Gis Nga Yow’ featuring singing Marion. The song dominated local airwaves and night joints around the country.

In 2010, he released his maiden mixtape titled ‘Chono life’. The project became a national success. In 2011, he released his debut album ‘God Will’. Another album titled ‘The Prince is Trouble’ followed (released 2012). In 2015, he released two Eps, ‘Versatile’ Volume 1 and 2. As of 2016, he has recorded over 400 songs. He has collaborated with more than 12 international and 10 national artists.

In March 2015, he featured I-Octane, a reggae and dancehall artist from Jamaica. He has also worked with Faze, a Nigerian musician and actor and Adiouza, a Senegalese female singer. He also has a video called ‘Fire Dancer’ that was shot in The Gambia, Jamaica and the U.S. In 2014, his song ‘Albullo’ was awarded the Gambian Song of the Year award. He was also awarded Artist of the Year 2013 by Queen Of Companies.

He runs a foundation called the T. Smallz Suso Foundation alongside some British nationals. Every year they raise funds in the Gambia and the U.K. for needy students in The Gambia and pay their school fees.

As of 2016, he released and launched third album titled ‘Dun Bena’. The project featured 19 tracks.

He has so far performed in all the major platforms in the Gambia, Africa and across Europe as for the past four years every summer he used to Europe performed in the festival, clubs gigs and doing some dubplate sessions for Deejays across the globe.