SYTA, SAEP clean Sanyang community market

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Sanyang Youth Tesito Association (SYTA) and Sanyang AmoCura Environment Protection (SAEP), over the weekend embarked on a massive environmental cleaning exercise at the Sanyang community market in Kombo South.

The cleaning exercise was held on theme: Eliminate plastics, save lives.

It was part of their monthly environmental cleaning activity geared towards the elimination of plastics, eradicating possible mosquito breeding spots and other waste in the community.

Coordinator of SYTA, Yusupha Jassey said they have been actively conducting voluntary community services, including keeping the environment clean and save from plastics.

Mr. Jassey said their partnership with SAEP focuses on several areas, including complimenting each other’s efforts towards protecting the environment against harmful impact of plastic bags.

Vice president Jewo M. Bah said the reason for the cleaning exercise is to protect the environment free from plastics, which she said, has harmful impact on the environment and ecosystem.

She indicated that plastic bags can be entirely eliminated or be reduced from the streets ‘if communities are being provided with waste bins’ and other ways of keeping the environment clean.

“What we are asking for is the government to provide us with waste bins to enable us to contribute in protecting the environment from plastics,” she said.

Lena Benjaminsson, founder of Sanyang AmoCura Environment Protection said their aim is to see an environment free of waste within the next few years, saying they are ready to engage communities to end indiscriminate dumping of plastics.  

Author: Yusupha Jobe