Swiss NGO donates D400, 000 worth of materials to CRR Schools

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bansang-Swiss Project, a Switzerland-based non-profit association has donated an assortment of learning materials worth over D400, 000 to six schools in Central River Region (CRR). The donated materials includes, 50 whiteboards, 400 markers, 12, 000 boxes of chalk, 2, 900 exercise books, 2, 900 pencils, 1000 sharpeners and 160 ballpoint pens, amongst others.

The handing over ceremony was held at Bansang Senior Secondary School multi-purpose and hall attended by students and teachers, parents, education ministry and local authorities.

The project sourced the stationery from a Gambian trader to promote local economy and support growth of domestic trade in the country.

Treasurer Nicola Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier, said he is convinced that investing in children through means at their disposal is one of the safest guarantees of a successful return on investment. “Personal and later professional development of individuals is an asset that is guaranteed to grow over the years and is the best engagement one can envisage when planning on a long term project,” he said.

Initiated in December 2017, The Bansang Swiss Project is a family run NGO, whose goal is to support education of young people in CRR. The organisation is committed to supporting local initiatives geared towards empowering the next generation through education.

The Gambia, he said, has always had high standards in education, with himself having completed primary and secondary level education here. He said it is a privilege, as a Gambian, to make his contribution to the noble mission of educating the children of the country.

Ousman Bah from the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education explained that education is crucial to the development of Gambians, adding that education is a valuable investment in the development of any country. “The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education recognizes the support of Bansang Swiss Project. It is an NGO that is supporting schools around Bansang,” he added.

Author: Pa Modou Cham