‘Swim for Life Gambia’ Season 2 calls for application

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The second phase of the ‘Swim for Life Gambia’ Project calls for interested parents and guardians to register their children for a month-long swimming lesson. The project is for children aged 8 to16 years.

The objective of the project is to save Gambian children from drowning. It is an open secret that annually, close to a hundred Gambians lose their lives at sea. Among these are children within the age bracket the project intends to train.  Not only does the project aim to reduce the number of drowning cases in The Gambia, it also aims to introduce swimming as a sports to Gambian children at a tender thus the phrase, “Catch Them Young.”

Well-trained lifeguards from the Red Dolphins and Life Guard Association and professional swimming coaches in The Gambia will deliver the month-long training. Each registered child will have three days a week and three hours per day training from well-equipped swimming coaches and professional lifeguards.

Swimming is an ideal sport for the well being of one’s body. It helps people to lose weight and keep fit. Therefore, introducing the child to swimming at an early age will promote a healthy life. It is also without doubt that once a child learns to swim, he/she may hop in a pool or in the sea at any point in their life without the risk of drowning or to save someone from drowning.

Interested parents and guardians are urged to grab a form for just D200 at the Officers Mess at Kotu on or before September 10, 2018 at 4pm.

It could be recalled that in August 2016, the first phase of the ‘Swim for Life Gambia’ Project successfully trained 30 children and within a month, 80% of them could swim without any fears. In fact, some of those children have taken up swimming as a sport.