Supporters of refugees in Germany express concerns

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

German refugee helpers in Germany have written a Statement of concern to the Gambian leader, Adama Barrow, and copied to the Executive and Legislative arms of the Gambian Government. The said statement of concern was copied to ministers and the speaker of the National Assembly, according to a media dispatch.

“The collective and individual deportations of the previous months from Germany to The Gambia were perceived both in The Gambia and in Germany with great dismay. Arrests out of German companies, the handcuffing of deportees and detention in deportation prisons have led to criticism of deportation practices in both countries,” the dispatch stated.

“The “Fluchtlingsrat Baden-Württemberg e.V.” and the information platform “Gambia-Helfernetz” have now sent a statement of concern to the President of the Republic of The Gambia, His Excellency Mr. Adama Barrow. Both are organisations of supporters of refugees in Germany who stand up for the rights of refugees in Germany and support their integration into German society and the German working world.” “The members and participants of both organizations are mainly from the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in southwest Germany. A large part of the Gambian migrants live in this Federal State, and almost all Gambians who have been deported from Germany in recent months have previously lived in this Federal State.”

“The statement was handed over to the President, the Vice-President, the members of the Government and the Speaker of the National Assembly on 25/26 July in the name of the above-mentioned German organisations. The German bearers of the memorandum regret that it was unfortunately not possible for them to visit The Gambia and hand over the document personally to the addressees. They hope that their statement nevertheless will be heard and would look forward to a response from the President, the Vice-President and other members of the Government of the Republic of The Gambia.”

“The statement of concern represents the view of German full-time and honorary refugee helpers on the subject of deportations to The Gambia. They note that it is not only Gambians who have been brought back who were accused of being guilty of violating the laws of Germany. Many of the deportees were well integrated into German society, had permanent jobs, made their own living and never came into conflict with German laws. The refugee supporters express the opinion that German politicians and authorities would have other options than the deportation of rejected asylum seekers. And they express their concern for social peace in The Gambia, which could be endangered by a large number of hopeless returnees. The full text of the memorandum and a list of examples of deported Gambians can be found in the appendix.”