Sukuta Sports Committee conducts Nawettan balloting

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Sukuta Sports Committee (SSC) have recently held the balloting for their 2019-2020 Nawettan season, as the summer biggest football showpiece looms closer in the country.

Twenty-four teams are set to participate in this year’s Dembadou rainy season biggest football jamboree.

The balloting for the annual fiesta is as follows:

Group A                                                                                    Group B

1. Sadina FC                                                                           1.Darboe Athletes FC

2. Blaze FC                                                                             2.J.D United FC

3. Koln FC                                                                               3.Puntalana FC

 4.Mariama Kunda                                                                  4.Campeh FC

 Group C                                                                                  Group D

1. Manchester United FC                                                       1.Monaco FC

2. Fulham FC                                                                            2. Real De Sanchaba FC

3. Dutokoto FC                                                                         3.Sitaba FC

4. Faks FC                                                                                  4.Black Pool FC

Group E                                                                                       Group F

1. Seaview FC                                                                           1.Nema Youths FC

2. Tottenham FC                                                                        2.Neegie FC 

3. Berefet United FC                                                               3. Karaba MTS FC 

4. Nema Su FC                                                                          4. Mamaland/Chuma FC

Author: Lamin Darboe