Sub-regional seminar on peace culture promotion underway

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A two-day sub regional seminar on promoting peace culture and managing culture diversity in African member states has kicked-off on Monday at a hotel in Bijilo.

Representatives within the West Africa sub-region are participating in the synergy organized by The Gambia National Commission for UNESCO. The rationale behind the seminar is to promote a global culture of peace and reduction of conflict incidences at all levels with a view to providing a strategic window of opportunity for all stakeholders within the sub- region to work towards the realization of peaceful coexistence.

Ministry of Tourism and Culture deputy permanent secretary Sutay Jawo said, “Promoting peace culture and managing cultural diversity” is a relevant and timely theme, saying governments, UN Agencies and other important players in global governance have collectively concluded that using traditional, indigenous and local knowledge can contribute to the civilization, edification, intellectual and knowledge enlightenment of nations and people.

According to him, the current situation of conflicts globally is a concern to the United Nations and all nations coupled with the reoccurrence of wars, saying its impacts are vivid reminder to all that, “we live in a world exposed to complex and wars which should be a concern to all stakeholders. The impacts have attracted a lot of attention from both governments and development partners because the risk for vulnerable groups within our respect societies and infrastructure is indeed enormous.”

The government of The Gambia, he went on, is very much committed to the realization of these sub-regional frameworks in the interest of building a continent that is adoptive to cultural diversity.

Ousman Senghore, Secretary General of The Gambia National Commission for UNESCO said the appreciation of cultural diversity helps people to understand different perspectives within the world in which “we” live, and helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

Representative of Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Mr. Bilel expressed appreciation to The Gambia National Commission for UNESCO for its continuous support to joint Islamic action to help promote Islamic solidarity and serve, defend and advance the causes of the Islamic Ummah.

Author: Isatou Senghore