Students at Kalagi protest over teachers’ detention

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Students at Kalagi Upper and Senior Secondary School in Foni run riot before the Kalagi Police Station over arrest and detention of their school staff members on Tuesday morning.

The arrest followed the theft of computers from the school’s Information Technology laboratory over the weekend.

Information Technology teacher, vice principal, caretaker, and bursar of the school were all arrested in connection with the incident.

People familiar with the situation say that the Kalagi Police Station came under pressure to unconditionally release Nfansu Bah, the school bursar who had been in custody until the students’ demonstration. Other members of the school staff had already been released.

The students further invaded the residence of Karamo Sanneh, the principal of the school and vandalised his properties including glass doors and windows.

Schools properties were also smashed to pieces. They accused the principal of partly being responsible for the arrest of the teachers.

He was rescued from the mob to safety at the police station. They chanted, “We don’t need you” in anger.

The principal education officer at the Regional Education Directorate in the West Coast Region, Momodou G. Jallow described the incident as unfortunate, given the gravity of misunderstanding between students and the school administration on the issue.

He said that the situation has been calmed and that his office is awaiting detailed report on matters around the theft case at the school.

Our reporter who visited the scene observed that the arrest of Kalagi School staff was a catalyst for show of earlier anger of the students against their school management.

“We are disappointed with the school administration over the restriction of internet connectivity to only staff”, a few of them said, “This belongs to all of us.”

Police spokesperson, ASP Lamin Njie disclosed at the time of going to press that investigation into the theft resulting in the vandalism was in progress.

Author: Ebrima Bah