Stakeholders enlightened on Energy Charter process

Friday, April 26, 2019

Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels, Wednesday held a day synergy to raise awareness of key stakeholders on the energy charter process, at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi.

Petroleum and energy minister Fafa Sanyang said the energy charter treaty is a multilateral international instrument that offers a cooperative platform for the promotion and protection of energy investment. “Gambia adopted the international energy charter in August 2017, declaring its political will to join the many other countries in strengthening global energy cooperation,” he said.

He said The Gambia champions an open-market and liberal trade policy that encourages and protects investments. “We have made progressive reforms to attract private sector investments in the energy sector such as liberalisation of the electricity generation and petroleum products importation.”

Mr. Sanyang said there is need for enhancement of the existing policies and strategies, aligning them with international best practices in order to attract the much-needed investments in the country.

European Union representative Josselin Amalfi said energy is fundamental to sustainable development and economic growth, saying developing countries increasingly need to provide reliable and clean sources of energy to their population to put basic services in place in areas such as health and education, and to power their economic potential.

Mr. Amalfi stated that Gambians who are living without access to electricity and the basic benefits and opportunities it provides, the challenges linked to energy remains immense, saying that energy is a priority in the portfolio of the EU’s poverty alleviation and eradication strategies in The Gambia.  “The EU encourages strong political ownership on the part of The Gambia, backed by support to create the necessary implementation capacity and conducive financial arrangements. EU will continue to stand alongside our Gambian partner,” he said. 

Author: Fatou Dem