Stakeholders clean Jeshwang Cemetery

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jeshwang Cemetery Cleaning, an initiative of Fatou Tambajang and Anna Axi Gai, wife of Gambia’s former youth and sports minister Mass Axi Gai in partnership with The Gambia Armed Force (GAF) and other individuals has recently conducted a three-day cleansing exercise at Jeshwang cemetery.

Coordinator Mass Axi Gai said the cleaning exercise would be observed before and after raining season of every year, calling on institutions and individuals to  participate in the next cleaning exercise. He thanked the people of Banjul, the two initiators and GAF for their support.

Captain Ansumana Sanyang, project coordinator of The Gambia Armed Force inspectorate at the Joint Service Headquarters in Banjul added that, they started the cleaning exercise three months ago starting with the Christian cemetery in Banjul. “We believe that the cemetery is the last destination of every human being.”

He stated that, GAF will always be ready to support the nation and the people, saying that they conduct the cemetery cleansing exercise every year.

He said the main purpose of observing the cleansing exercise is to provide easy pathways for people to enter the cemetery. “The cleaning exercise is a necessity,” he added.

Author: Awa Ndiaye