Sports Council’s GFF Investigative Team Sinking

Monday, November 20, 2017

The National Sports Council’s purported investigation of the internal matters of The Gambia Football Federation seems to be adrift, with the reported resignation of half of its investigation team.

Impeachable sources from the National Sports Council, who have laid eyes on the said letters, have confirmed to this paper that two of the most prominent members of the panel have written official correspondences to the council to recuse themselves from the case.

Alpha Omar Bah, head of Audit at EcoBank Gambia was the first to resign earlier last week. People familiar with the matter have confirmed to The Point that legal practitioner; Sheriff K. Jobe has also withdrawn from the team. This latest news came after the police wrote to the council declining the offer to nominate a member into the team. The police in its letter warned that they did not want to be part of the entire process.

With the chairman of the investigative team, Alagie S. Darboe, out of the country on an official mission, journalists Namory Trawally and Baboucarr Senghore were said to have been the people contacted as they fruitlessly attempted to proceed with the investigation. So far, teams in the West Coast, KM and LRR Regional FAs have turned down their requests to be interviewed by the team.

The reported resignation of the half of the investigative team has left many wondering about the credibility of the entire process.

The impasse between the NSC and the GFF began after the latter said it was investigating the former as a result of the protest they received from a group that called themselves stakeholders. The federation has maintained its decision not to cooperate with the investigations and the decision not to recognise the suspension of its leadership as irreversible because the council lacks the legal mandate to investigate their internal matters.