Sponsor Child Gambia Foundation touches lives of 65 children

Monday, October 16, 2017

Haddijatou, a mother of three, expressed delight at the assistance her daughters received from the foundation.  Two girls sat by her feet, with each holding a yellow school bag, as they enjoyed its contents of learning materials and other gifts.

This is the third distribution ceremony the foundation has done in The Gambia this month.  In Sait Maram village, Niani District, they furnished classrooms with furniture so that the school-going children would not sit on the floor to learn.  In a show of appreciation to the donors, the community organised a big cultural festival to welcome them to the school.

At Tabokoto, dozens of school-going children and their family members like Haddijatou also benefitted from sponsorship. One of the mothers, Fatou Saidykhan, said “I am thankful for the sponsorship extended to my daughter.  The gifts were distributed with transparency.”

Faraba Komma, the Gambian partner of the Sponsor Child Gambia Foundation, said it all began in 2015, when the couple came up with the idea to support the education of needy students in The Gambia.

Dutch couple, Bertina Zoayer and Rafael Eyhelhamp, were touched by the level of poverty, in which some Gambian children struggle each day just to receive education.  In 2015, they expressed interest in providing support to these underprivileged children.

They initially targeted orphans, but later extended to include neighbours whose children are underprivileged.  Today, the numbers of such children have grown to 65 countrywide.  Some of the families receive bags of rice, poultry or livestock as means of sustaining livelihoods.

Bertina Zoayer, said: “We pay school fees, uniforms, shoes and school bags to each of them.  Some lucky ones even get bags of rice as part of their package.  We bring gifts from Holland comprising learning and playing materials, prepare classrooms to be conducive for learning.”

Lamin Jarjue, a teacher in Tabokoto neighbourhood Quranic School thanked the foundation for the sponsorship extended to five of their students. “Sponsorship packages include school furniture, bags of rice and other needs of the family. School fees are paid to cover half year.”

Aminata Komma said the foundation has been engaged in mobilising support to needy children in The Gambia to go to school.

In a visit to some of the schools they visited, they saw students who learned on bare floor without any benches or furniture in classrooms. They visit the country once each year to deliver the support and visit their beneficiaries in their communities.

Author: Sanna Camara