SOS Children’s Village raises awareness on 2030 Child Welfare Strategy Programme

Friday, July 27, 2018

SOS Childrens’ Village-The Gambia; an international non-governmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children’s rights and needs, welfare and concern since 1982, recently organised an orientation meeting at their conference hall in Bakoteh to raise awareness on the 2030 Child Welfare Strategy Programme.

Focusing on children without parental care and children at risk of losing parental care (from families of difficult circumstance), the organisation has a wide range of programmes in Bakoteh and Basse including  two children’s villages, two youth facilities, two kindergartens, two lower and one upper basic school, one technical senior secondary school, one training and production center, one mother’s and adults training center, one mother and child clinic, two family strengthening programme and a child rights project.

National director Mariatou Sallah gave a brief history of how an Austrian named Hermann Gmeiner; a medical doctor started the humanitarian cause after the Second World War when many children lost their parents and had nowhere to live.

She said Hermann Gmeiner felt the need to bring those children together in a unified environment to make them feel at home. “Today, SOS is in 134 countries having their headquarters in Austria.”

Ebrima Jobe, national programme development advisor highlighted the 2030 strategy programme, which was developed and finalised in 2015 and rolled out in March 2016. The programme is meant to make their job more efficient and simplified.

Going by the 2030 strategy programme, SOS will be able to stick to the founder’s original idea and not drift from the main purpose. The central message of the strategy is that ‘no child should grow up alone’ and ‘every child deserves to grow-up in a happy and healthy environment.’  It is a road map that will help them build and pave the way to ensure positive change for children.

The programme will equally help in bringing donors closer to the children especially those they are sponsoring and easily access their information on the website without having to go through the usual long chain since the world is a global village and will further strengthen their relationship with similar organisations both in the local and international level.

Author: Fatoumatta Samateh