Soninke Association launches 2nd language autobiography

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Association of Soninke Language Literacy on Sunday launched their 2nd edition of the Soninke language autobiography at Imam Malick Arabic School along MDI road in Kanifing.

The Association started in 1995 with its first meeting held in Senegal  on basic language with no inclusion of writing.

In 2010, the experts of the language met again in France to discuss key areas of the language so that any time a meeting is held, a report will be presented and sent to all other Serahulleh speaking countries. In 2011, a festival called “Fisso” was organized which covered cultural, religious and educational aspects.

Secretary General of the organisation at national level Abdou M Fofana said, they exist in Mali, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, France and The Gambia. “This year, new countries have joined the Association, they are Egypt, America, and Spain.  That shows the interest in our language is gradually increasing.”

He said this December, the language experts had an agreement for all the member countries to harmonies the language by having the same way of writing in order to have one Serahulleh grammar book that would be distributed to all member states to make the learning of the language easier including countries where Soninkes are densely populated.

Mr. Fofana said that they have also agreed to have an academy based in The Gambia which will teach the language and will also have a Serahulleh museum in it. “Another will be established in Mali which will be named “Mamadinga” which will be a teaching center only.

He appealed to all the Serahullehs to join hands to support the organisation in every way and to make the Serahulleh language recognized worldwide.

Author: Fatou O Barrow