Solo Darboe, renowned diamond dealer passes away

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The death has been announced of |Mr. Solo Darboe, known throughout The Gambia and beyond, as a successful businessman. He died last Friday at the age of 89.

In a tribute to the late Mr. Darboe, his best friend Alhaji Yaya Ceesay, former Minister of Local Government and Lands in the First Republic described Mr. Darboe as “a great man,” who worked for his country and Africa in general.

“I knew him fifty years ago, when we started our struggle for Gambia’s independence from colonial Britain in 1960. He was a very smart businessman and very successful,” Ceesay said, recalling days when the late Mr. Darboe’s business activities would go beyond the borders of The Gambia to the West Africa and Central Africa.

“I found him to be a very competent businessman and with an honest character… his relations with wider public was one of the best. Solo could have been one of the richest men in this country,” Ceesay said.

The late Mr. Darboe worked with popular Gambians, like Basiru Jawara, Saja Tunkara , Sankun Sillah and others.

“He was highly interested in African affairs, especially during this period that we fought for independence. Darboe was passionate about Africa’s development too,” he added, which made him a friend of the late Guinean leader and anti-colonial champion, Saikou Touray.

Described as very generous to the poor and the needy, the late Solo Darboe had been very instrumental in the success of several people, by giving them the financial muscle to start their own businesses.

 “This is why the whole country felt his demise and we are praying for him to have eternal rest in Paradise,” said  Ceesay.  

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: Picture: The late Solo Darboe