SKGH renamed Kanifing General Hospital

Friday, August 03, 2018

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in collaboration with the Board and Management has re-named Serrekunda General Hospital to Kanifing General Hospital.

At a press briefing held on Wednesday at the hospital conference room, Babucarr Saine, administrator said the move to rename the hospital came following an approval by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the board and the management of the hospital.

 “As you are aware, this hospital was inaugurated in April 2010 and it is serving a very big area of about 600,000 inhabitants. Since inception to date, the hospital continues to provide a lot of services which includes, but not limited to accident emergencies, maternity care services, and theatre services. Besides, it also runs some specialists clinics. The hospital is doing a lot in improving the health status of people of this region and even beyond, thus contributing its quota to development endeavors”.

“We have received several reports that patients confused the two facilities. Sometime somebody will be sick and ask to come to Serrekunda Hospital and he or she end up going to Serrekunda Health Centre, so in order to avoid that confusion the board decided to change the name to Kanifing General Hospital”.

Kebba Manneh, CEO of Kanifing General Hospital, said the change has come at the right time, saying the main reason for changing the name of this hospital is to avoid confusing the two names.

“It is a clear justification that the name of this hospital should be changed to differentiate with Serrekunda Health Center. The hospital location warrants it to be named Kanifing General Hospital. And actually is part of the transformation agenda of the new management and board to reform the hospital to meet the growing needs of the community and even beyond”.

Alieu Badjie, Public Relations Officer of Kanifing General Hospital, said he hoped people would understand what warrants the name change.

PRO Badjie thus called on the public and the community to cooperate with the hospital board and the new decision to change the name.

Author: Njie Baldeh