SK Market vendors decry poor conditions, lack of sales

Friday, August 03, 2018

Vendors at the Serrekunda market have decried the poor conditions of the market as well as lack of sales.

Our reporter visited the market yesterday, where vendors complained of lack of adequate toilets, non waste collection, prompting some vendors to vacate the market and opt to sit on the roadside and do their daily business.

Vendors blamed the Mayor of KMC- Ahmed Bensouda for turning a deaf ear on their plight, after voting him to the office with the hope that things will change for the better.

According to them, they had to buy gravel, sand and cement for themselves to rehabilitate the market so as to attract customers. They had to do that because when it rains due to poor drainage system the water does not run thus discouraging many customers to come to the market to buy.

Faburama Saho, head of fish processors at the Serrekunda market, explained some of the difficulties they encountered at the markets, which he said, ranges from waste collection even though they pay to use the toilet.

“When it rains you cannot not even have a place to step your foot. Things were even better during the time of the then interim mayor Bakary Jammeh, than now under Mayor Bensouda.”

Awa Ngum, who sells fish at the market, said they paid their license and also pay their daily duties, yet some of them preferred to sit at the roadside without paying duties due to the poor condition of the market.

This, she said, has also resulted in the low turnout of customers on daily basis thus seriously hampering their daily sales.

“Now most of the customers would only stop at the roadside and buy goods without going inside the market. This is really causing loses to us. Sometimes our fish are with us for four days without being making any sale and we have families to feed”, she added.

For Haddy Njie, who also deals in fish market, those at the roadside are the ones who spoiled the market.

She appealed to government to help them rehabilitate the market as well as put measures to ensure that no one sits by the roadside to sell.

“We have not seen Mayor Ahmed Bensouda since we voted for him. If we had known this will be his reward we would not have cast our votes for him”, she stated.

To Awa Cham, another concerned vendor, the poor conditions and lack of sales at the market is a worrying concern to them, saying they have families at home to feed as well as children to send to school.

“Every year during the rainy season we are the ones who would rehabilitate the market during the rainy season. We did our part by casting our votes for Mayor Bensouda. It is time for him to also think about us,” she added.

Author: Sanna Jallow