Sittanunku village market construction in progress

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Construction of market project at Sittanunku village in North Bank Region’s Upper Nuimi District by Jerreh Sittanunku Development Association (JSDA) is progressing, JSDA chairman has said.

Sanusi Darboe said if not for the intermittent delays in gathering funds, the construction, which began in December last year is going smoothly, thanks to the support of the village youth and women.

“We embark on the market construction not only for Sittanunku but for the other villages too for them to also bring their agricultural produce and other products to sell them at the market,” Mr Darboe said.

Since inception some three years ago, JSDA brought some notable developments to Sittanunku including facilitating repair of the village’s damaged borehole, construction of two public toilets and contribute to the fencing of the village’s cemetery.

JSDA also conducts awards of prizes to best students of Sittanunku Basic Cycle and Senior Secondary School.

“All of these are financed from our members’ monthly contributions,” Mr. Darboe said, adding that so far, the on-going construction of the market is entirely financed through the monthly membership contribution.

JSDA Secretary General Lamin Jahateh said the association is a legally registered non-profit and non-partisan community development Organisation.  It has a board of advisers consisting of some distinguished and eminent personalities of Sittanunku.

The organisation’s aims and objectives include supporting socio-economic development of Nuimi Sittanunku village in all areas including education, health, agriculture, culture and sports. 

Mr. Jahateh said the association has a strategic plan which guides its development interventions in the short and medium term. 

The market construction is part of the strategic plan to help address the challenge that women of Sittanunku and surrounding villages face in marketing their perishable agricultural produce.

The head of the market construction committee, Lamin Fatty said now that the building process is progressing to the finishing stage, support is needed to complete it.

At least sixteen (16) packets of corrugated iron sheet, timber, paint and additional bags of cement are needed.“We would be grateful of any support in the completion of the market,” Mr. Fatty said.