SIS boss urges media to participate in maintenance of peace

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The director general of the State Intelligence Service (SIS) has underscored the role of media in development, saying the media has an important role to play in promoting national peace, security and harmony.

Ousman Sowe, who was speaking recently at a press conference, therefore urged the media to play a significant role in maintenance of peace.

DG Sowe stressed the need for Gambians to be careful of making utterances that has the tendency of undermining national security, pointing out that people should be responsible enough to make statements in a well measured manner and not to comprise national peace and security.

“No one has the tools and platform that you have,” he told the press men and women.

 “Everybody needs you like we need food. Everyday someone needs information and wants to know as to what is happening. Therefore, the role of the media in enlightening and communicating national harmony and peace is paramount. It is only those that don’t know the role of the media will see you as enemy. You are not enemies but you are critically actors in national security and national development. We will encourage you to take your rightful role in enlightening the country and the communities in supporting peace in this country,” he further told journalists.

 The media, he explained, has a big role to play such as; setting the agendas right.

National security is everybody’s business as the securities alone cannot do it, he said, adding that national security cannot function without the involvement of the public and other stakeholders.”

According to him, at the SIS, they recognise that they cannot only maintain national security, saying that they needs others most and importantly the media as they have a platform that can help national security. “That’s why when we go on tour, we go to the private radio stations and speak on the significance of peace and stability of our country.”

The country, he said, continues to go through healing process, which is not yet completed. “We all know what happened before this government came. We all know how that government ended and this government took over, it’s just like a patient going through operation.”

“Our assessment at the moment; we think even the economic and investment is conducive. “The arrival of tourists in the country, and in our boarders is all indicators of the peace and stability that the country continues to witness.”

He said part of their reforms is to have an intelligence service with national character. “We want to have an intelligence service that everyone can look at and say yes; that is a state intelligence service that is devoid of tribes, bias and devoid of nepotism among others.”

He described the SIS as a service for the people that is day-in-day out working on its national responsibility as state intelligence service.

DG Sowe disclosed that more than 200 staff of the SIS have been training on various issues; ranging from investigation and crime risk analyzing among others, adding that a lot of transformation is going on at the SIS

The director of Training, reforms and Orientation, Lamin Jadama, underscore the significance role SIS is playing toward the maintenance of peace and stability.

Author: Momodou Jawo