Sifoe SSS principal under fire for series of irregularities

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The principal of Sifoe Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools in Kombo South District, Mr Sarjo Jobe is under fire for series of irregularities, which includes poor economic management and mismanagement of school funds.

The students and residents of Sifoe are now calling for his immediate resignation, amid intervention by officials from the Education ministry and the Office of the Governor West Coast.

The development came following a peaceful demo at the school campus on Monday by students of the school demanding the immediate resignation of Mr. Jobe. The students also accused the school principal of selling all the buses that belongs to the institution without prior consent of the community.

In an interview with the Point, Rachel Ogo, head girl of the school, said since the establishment of the school in 2006, the principal has not initiated any meaningful changes as the head of the school.

She said they have been facing numerous challenges as students, making reference to the hardship they faced in accessing transportation. This, she added, among other challenges has left students in difficult situations.

She argued that despite some of them being in grade 12 preparing for their final examinations, they are ready to boycott all classes ‘if the Mr Jobe’ still remains at the helm of affairs at the institution.

“This has to be very clear that we are not going back to our classes as for now until the principal resigns, so that we can have a proper management at the school campus that would favour us as students” she added.

Lamin Demba chairman of the school management committee (SMC), said he and members of his committee are not informed on whatever development and transaction that might happen at the school by the principal.

“My committee members first had a problem with the school principal (Jobe) when we formally asked him as a committee that we want to visit the school to acquaint ourselves with development and this request was denied by him as the principal”.

The administration of the school, he went on, was entirely controlled by the principal alone, whom he said, would never allow anyone even the SMC chair to be informed of certain happenings at the school.

This, he said, is the main issue that brought about misunderstanding between his committee and the school principal.

“I can tell you that the way the school is being administered by the principal since its inception is not going in a proper way. Secondly, we as the SMC are not given space by him as head of the institution to work closely with him” he added.

Demba revealed that the school’s entire toilet facility is in a mess.The labs used by students for their practical works are all in a poor conditions.

These facilities, he went on, were never repaired by the school, citing the amount of money the school receives per students as School Improvement Grant (SIG).

Meanwhile, an investigation panel has been setup by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education which includes Bakary Sanyang, the governor of West Coast Region to investigate into matter and draft a report within two weeks. The principal is currently on a leave to allow the inquiries and for students to return to classes.

Author: Yusupha Jobe