Sifoe principal saga

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Former South African president and apartheid hero- Nelson Mandela once said- Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. It is an undeniable fact that education is an integral component in the development of any nation. Therefore, ensuring quality education should be the ultimate goal of government to enable it lay a solid foundation for the future leaders. The recent report emanating from Kombo South involving the principal of Sifoe Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools - Mr Sarjo Jobe and the students and residents of the village is disturbing. The students and residents of Sifoe are now calling for the immediate resignation of the principal. The students accuse the principal of series of irregularities, which includes poor economic management and mismanagement of school funds. Every child in this country deserves a quality education in an institution capable of providing the resources they need to succeed. There is need for concerted efforts to ensure that our set target goals are met for our future generation. According to reports gathered from both the students and residents of the village, the Ministry and concern stakeholders should speed up mediation efforts to ensure the issue is amicably resolved without affecting students’ education. It is hard fact that school children are tomorrow’s workforce. And the economic prosperity of this nation will be determined by the quality of the education students receive. Well, some of the issue raised by students, which include school buses, poor toilets facilities and ill-functioning labs are all critical to their development. To ensure conducive learning, the school principal should work hand-in-hand with the School Management Committees. Meanwhile, an investigation panel has been setup by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education which includes Bakary Sanyang, the governor of West Coast Region to investigate into matter and draft a report within two weeks. Let us wait and see the recommendations the investigation panel would come up with? “The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large. And whoever owns the family owns the future.” Tony Evans