Sidia Jatta urges government to make strategic consideration in road constructions

Friday, April 12, 2019

Wuli West parliamentarian Sidia Jatta have been reminding government to apply serious strategic considerations when constructing roads in the country, to avoid repeated mistakes.

Addressing the lawmakers during their Monday adjournment debate at the National Assembly in Banjul, Mr. Jatta said the financial and public accounts committee (F/PAC) of the National Assembly has had a discussion with the National Roads Authority, they were reminded that if they were strategic in road construction, all their problems would be solved.

“I am not going to use the term feeder road because that word does not exist in the vocabulary of the current works Minister. For him, road is road and I hundred percent agree with him.”

He said he travelled to Wuli sometimes ago and what he saw after crossing the river was an insult to the people and painful that he even cried. “This is deceptive of the last 22 years rule of the former regime because each time the president is travelling; they make sure they make the road.”

Mr. Jatta said the road that stretches from the river bank in Wuli West to Yorobawol was so bad during the last rainy season that drivers and people of the area including himself had to contribute to maintain it. “But this did not solve the problem. When the President was going there, they made it in such a way that I could not believe my eyes. That was an insult to the whole population of Wuli and Sandu”

He demand for the road stretching from Yorobawol to the river bank, Sare Teneng junction to Sare Ngai road and the road from Borro Kanda Kasseh to Baja Kunda to be constructed before the rains, saying that these are strategic roads and their construction will show that people of the area have benefit from the fruits of their taxes.

He said taxes must go back to the people in the form of services that is what they are meant for.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara