Sidia Jatta hails Turo for humanitarian gesture

Monday, April 30, 2018

The National Assembly Member (NAM) for Wuli West, Sidia Jatta, has extolled Modou Turo Darboe, the chief executive officer of Vision Foundation for his kind gesture, saying he was amazed by the amount of money he had shared among the needy.

Hon. Jatta made these remarks last week at a presentation ceremony held at Vision Development Foundation’s office where Mr. Darboe had distributed D1, 866, 750 among the needy including students.

“I’m amazed because I have never seen; I’m not saying that NGOs are not doing this type of work but this is the first time I’ve ever seen with my own eyes this huge amount of money that is consecrated to the education for children of this country,” he said. “This is wonderful and I know there are many people like them, there are many NGOs like them who can help those children who cannot afford to complete their high school, who cannot afford to go to the university.”

“There are many who go to high school halfway, they dropped because of the lack of means to complete their education.”

He said these efforts are meant to accomplish that task; to help those poor children who have the brains; who can become educated and eventually help the society to develop.

The Wuli West NAM stressed the need for decentralised development, noting, that there are many villages in this country that do not have access to clean drinking water and they have a right to it because they are also paying taxes and should have equal access to it just like those here.

He urged leaders to fear God and lead as expected of them. ”If you are a leader, you owe an obligation to lead people in accordance with the behaves of God and if you fail to do that you have to answer to God”

He welcomes any institution who can complement government’s efforts in the development of the country.

“I call upon all those NGOs like them to emulate the fundamental and ceaseless efforts they are making to ease the difficulties the children of this country are facing. “ Jatta said.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Sidia Jatta, NAM) for Wuli West