SG condemns rumor of Amanah blocking teachers’ salaries

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Secretary General of the Secretariat of Arabic and Islamic Teachers (Amanah) has condemned the rumors of his secretariat being responsible for blocking salaries of Amanah teachers.

Sheikh Essa Darboe said the Amanah secretariat has nothing to do with salary of teachers, saying that they should have forwarded the complaint to the education ministry who is now responsible for their salary issues. “They should have faced the Ministry to confirm their names and the amount of the basic salary.”

Sheikh Darboe said the rumors are fake about the secretariat, saying the teachers were only attempting to demoralise the Secretariat’s character or put into problem. “They are doing this to tarnish the name of Islam because Amanah is an Islamic Association and whoever allege against it or spoils its name is trying to fight Allah.” 

Author: Morro Ml Minteh