SG Cham debunks 75, 000 Dollar bribery allegation

Monday, April 09, 2018

Secretary General of The Gambia Handball Association Haruna Cham has denied responsibility in the recent bribery allegation of receiving 75, 000 dollars from the International Handball Federation President Hassan Moustafa in Brazil when they met at the 2016 Rio Olympic. .

“When I went to Rio, Ms. Beatrice Allen organised a meeting with the IHF president and I and Ousman Wadda attended the meeting. He explained that during that period, Mr. Moustafa promised to help The Gambia with a handball indoor court which will cost 75,000 dollars but they have not received the amount up to date.

He said there was no subvention from the International Federation to The Gambia Handball Association from 2009 to 2017. “IHF spends fund in The Gambia through either when we have course or trips like zone two. If they have any proof that IHF sent any money to the Gambia that I stole, then let them prove it because I don’t mind to spend the rest of my life in mile II Prison.”

Mr. Cham also denied allegation of receiving money from Brazil and Paris Saint Germaine star Neymar, saying he met Neymar in Rio when the Brazil star visited the Hall where Gambian delegation was having their dinner. “Neymar took a photo with all the people in the room, Doudou Capi Joof, Namorry Trawally, Demba Jarjou and Gina Bass were present at the time. So how could I take money from Neymar Jr. in the presence of all these people without any of them noticing it?

Author: Lamin Fadera
Source: Picture: Haruna Cham