Serigne Mbaye Sy is new Tijanniya Khalif General

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour has been enthroned as the new khalif general of the Tijanniya brotherhood in Senegal on Sunday, 24 September 2017.

His enthronement as the 7th khalif followed the demised of Khalif General Serigne Abdoul Aziz Sy Al-Amine who passed away on Friday in Senegal.

In an interview with The Point on Tuesday, Imam Tafsir Gaye, who was among the Gambian delegation to Senegal to attend the funeral of the late Khalif, said the event was attended by Muslims from all over.

The Gambian delegation, including government officials, was provided with government vehicles to ensure a hitch-free journey. Over 40 Diaras that called themselves Ahlu Tivaouane in The Gambia made it to Senegal, as part of the delegation.

The late Kalif Sering Abdou Aziz Al-Amine was a son of Sering Babucarr Sy Malick who was also the son of Alhagie Malick Sy, the first kalif general.

Imam Tafsir Gaye thanked the Gambian leader, President Adama Barrow, and his entire government for their support by a sending delegation as well as enhancing their transportation.

“We the delegation from The Gambia extends our condolences to all Muslims across the world because the religion is one and it is owned by Allah.  Therefore, any religion leader who passes away we should all cry and extend our condolences,” he said.  “We pray that the new khalif live and lead us for many years.”

Meanwhile, the Senegalese president, Macky Sall, assured the new caliph of his support.

The new khalif, Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour, is the eldest son of the late Serigne Mouhamadou Mansour Sy who was also a son of Elhadji Malick Sy and brother of Dabakh and Sokhna Aminata Seck.

Born in 1932, Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour is known for his direct and frank speech since becoming the 7th Khalif General of the Tijanniya.

Those who know him said his incorruptible character of virtue, truth and at the same time courteous made him a man of God.

It would be recalled that the new khalif was in March 2017 appointed as the new spokesperson of the Tijanniya brotherhood of Tivaouane in Senegal.

He was appointed following the demise of the former Khalif General Cheikh Tidiane Sy Al-Makhtoum.

The late Al-Mahktoum was succeeded by Serigne Abdoul Aziz Al-Amine, who also passed away last Friday.

Meanwhile, Serigne Pape Malick Sy, youngest son of Serigne Babacarr Sy, is now appointed as the new spokesperson of the Tijanniya brotherhood.

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: Picture: The new khalif, Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour and the late Khalif General Serigne Abdoul Aziz Sy Al-Amine