Sensitisation on ECD enrolment, retention in school underway in 10 CRR communities

Monday, July 09, 2018

Region 5 Education Directorate in Janjangbureh, Central River Region has begun a ten-day sensitisation campaign on the importance of Early Childhood Education and retention of the girl child in school in 10 communities of the region. The activity was funded by UNICEF and implement by MOBSE through RED 5.

The outreach campaign is taking place in communities with low enrollment in school including Njoreng and Mamudfana Basic Cycle Schools, Njie Kunda, Jawlaba, Sareh Nyanga, Mbein Wollof, Kibiri, Lebba, Palele, and Jailan Bakadajie Lower Basic Schools on the Theme: Community engagements on inclusive education to increase enrollment and completion of basic cycle school.

The region’s Principal Education Officer (PEO) Lamin Juwara said the sensitization campaign aims at enlightening the communities on the significant of education, particularly ECD enrolment in school.

He said the engagement targets to raise community awareness on ECD enrollment and will also avail them the opportunity to identify factors affecting ECD enrollment in the included communities for addressing.

He implored on the communities to enroll their children in school to contribute in the of the country’s future development, adding that the advancement of Lower Basic Schools depend on the ECD enrolment. “The development of the children relies on your guidance, counseling and motivation of children towards education and other relevant matters to build their future,” he added.

Mr. Juwara assured the communities that government is determined to provide solutions to address the factors affecting ECD enrolment to ensure high percentage of ECD enrolment in schools. He further explained that school upgrading is based on good enrolment and retention. He appealed to parents to allow their children especially the girl child to continue their education and avoid dropping out of school for marriage purposes.

Senior education officer Nfally Fofana highlighted on the significance of the sensitization, noting that it is instrumental in raising the rate of ECD enrolment. He said government realized the low ECD enrolment within the targeted communities which motivated government and UNICEF to embark on outreach campaign on ECD enrolment. He pointed out that the communities have pivotal role to play in ECD enrolment and their retention in school.

“We embarked on the sensitisations to ensure that the rate of ECD enrolment is increased. This will reduce the level of illiteracy rate in this part of the nation,” he said, saying that educating the children is significant in the fight against poverty.

The Islamic focal person Oustass Ahmad Jaiteh said the world’s advancement cannot be attained without education, adding that any form of education one can pursue will be beneficial because knowledge is valuable. “Government wants every child to be enrolled in school to pursue education. Government does not want children to be deprived from their right to education,” he said.

Regional Education Officer Aboulie M Jallow said enrolling children in school is significant in enabling them to get employment and be supportive to  their families, adding without that they will remain being farmers which may affect their livelihood.

Speaking on behalf of the communities, Kebba Jallow called on parents to change their attitude towards their children enrollment in schools. He said the public should endeavor to enroll their children in school to raise the number of pupils in the schools so as to fight illiteracy. 

Author: Momodou Jawo