Senior police officers trained on competition, corruption

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Gambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (GCCPC) yesterday organized a daylong training for senior police officers on competition and corruption held at the GCCPC complex in Kotu East.

The aim of the training was to offer expertise on how to create and maintain well-functioning markets as well as to join forces with the senior officials to ensure anti-corruption in competition.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Amadou Ceesay, the CEO and Executive Secretary of the GCCPC, noted that The Gambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is an independent public institution established to enforce the Competition Act 2007 and administer the Consumer Protection Act 2014.

It also aims to promote and enforce fair competition in the Gambian economy, and protect the welfare of consumers of goods and services.

“We were also given the added mandate of administering the Essential Commodities Act 2015 with the mandate to regulate the importation, distribution and sale of essential commodities in The Gambia, to ensure their availability at reasonable prices, and for connected matters,” he stressed.

He revealed that the training was in fulfillment of their advocacy and capacity building mandate under both the Competition Act 2007 and Consumer Protection Act 2015.

“Capacity building and advocacy is a big part of our mandate and is something that we take very seriously. We carefully choose our topics for discussion with stakeholders and organise sessions like this to address pressing issues that we encounter,” he stressed

According to Mr. Ceesay, the competition violations and corruption go hand in hand, adding that studies have shown that there was a strong correlation between corruption and competition.

Corrupt countries are less competitive globally and less attractive to foreign investment, he lamented, adding that corruption increases prices and lowers government output as well as reducing government revenue and stunts growth.

The CEO concluded that the GCCPC and the office of the IGP would develop a program to ensure that they have a corruption free competition environment.

Ansumana Kinteh, Commander of the Gambia Police Training School, said the training would furnish them with first hand information of the what the Gambia Competition Consumer Protection Commission is all about.

Author: Fatou B. Cham