Senegambia integration Marathon run set for Friday

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Senegambia Marathon run for integration organized by Senegalo-Gambia Permanent Secretariat is slated for this Friday 18 to 22 January.

The run for integration is a relay set to kick-off at new bridge at Yelitenda- Bambatenda crossing point in the North Bank Region to Senegal’s capital Dakar, covering a distance of 320 km. Six teams were registered in The Gambia with a sum of eighty thousand dalasi (D80, 000), including Senegalese teams, Italy and France.  The run is dedicated to presidents Macky Sall and Adama Barrow.

Captain of the winning team will present a letter of goodwill from Gambian president Adama Barrow to President Macky Sall.

On January 21, the runners will return to the Yelitenda- Bambatenda Bridge, where they will be awarded certificates of dedication and participate in the official opening of the bridge.

The annual event, for the first time will feature relay road run between the two countries to cover a distance of approximately 300 kilometers in a period of three days with night stops in Kaolack and Mbour. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham