Senegambia custom authorities discuss to address free movement of people, goods

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Authorities from The Gambia and Senegalese customs recently met at Karang, in Senegal to discuss issues that would enable free movement of peoples and goods across the borders of the two countries.

The Gambian delegation was headed by the commissioner general of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA).

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe said among the issues discussed included the non-removal of tariffs; the need to have a common markets; and to have a customs union, which he argued is key within the ECOWAS Member States.  He dilated on the role and position of ECOWAS which is to ensure that there is common market within the region.

He said to have a common market, there is need to put certain things in place such as free movement of peoples and goods as well as removal of all non-tariff.

The commissioner general of GRA also disclosed that ECOWAS is striving hard to form a vibrant customs union. He said: “You cannot have the free movement of peoples and goods without having a customs union.” 

He said ECOWAS is trying to have a common commercial policy between the regions. And to begin this process, he said, Gambia alone have a border with Senegal so therefore, the country has to start it with Senegal first.

“We have to start with Senegal and from there; other ECOWAS Member countries will follow suit.”

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh