Senegambia CSOs advocates for one ID card

Monday, January 07, 2019

Gambia and Senegal Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been advocating for the introduction of a one Senegambia identity card to promote free movement of people and goods and to create enabling environment for sister countries.

At a forum organized by Beakanyang and Team Gomsa Bopa in collaboration with their Senegalese counterpart Yen A Marre, participants called on the two governments to make their proposal a reality for the benefit of the citizens.

The forum was parts of a 12-month project called MBOKA, supported by NED foundation to bring the people of the two countries closer. It also seeks to promote and strengthen cultural ties and sharing of experience between CSOs in the two countries and their people.

Nfamara Jawneh, executive director of Beakanyang Kafo explained that the two governments have already laid the foundation to encourage their citizens because they have being showcasing the togetherness they want since the coming of new Gambia.

“The project is to consolidate the ties between the two countries by complimenting the efforts of the two governments in their quest to come closer. Senegal and The Gambia are the same because we share the same food, religions, tribes and cultures. Our colonialist barer should not limit us from consolidating our relationship,” he pointed.

He explained that since they started the project, they have made great impact through collaboration and understands their areas of corporation and duties.

Ali Cham alias Killer Ace said people have a common saying that Senegal and Gambia is one country and he believed that with the project, they can change Senegal and Gambia forever and bring them together as one people.

He said citizens of both countries should not encounter difficulties when crossing their borders, saying there are lot stereotyping at the borders which they are committed to fight against and stop.

Author: Pa Modou Cham