Senegalese President Macky Sall re-elected

Friday, March 01, 2019

President Macky Sall has won his re-election bid with 58.27% of the total votes cast on Sunday, provisional results from the National Vote Counting Commission on Thursday reveals.

The win earns him another term of seven years after he was first elected into Office of the President in Senegal.

Opposition since Sunday have rejected reports of an outright win for Mr. Sall, expecting that there would a second round of the election based on their tallies.

Idrissa Seck, got 20.54%, Ousmane Sonko secured 15.67%, Issa Sall, 4.07% and Madicke Niang, 1.448%.

Senegalese presidential elections are organised through a majority system, with run off. The president is elected by universal direct suffrage. This explains that one must secure at least D51% of the total votes cast before being declared a winner.