Senegalese MPs receive over D245, 000 monthly salary

Thursday, September 21, 2017

(Issue, Wednesday 20 September 2017)

Members of Parliament (MP) in Senegal receive monthly salary of CFA3 million, equivalent to D246, 000, per month, according to reports by the Senegalese media.

The Speaker of the parliament is paid CFA5 million, equivalent to D410, 000, every month.  In addition to speaker’s salary, he/she is given CFA40 million, equivalent to D3, 280,000, which is not audited as it is political fund.

In addition to their salaries, every MP is allocated a four-wheel-drive car with a monthly fuel allocation of 300 litres.

Senegal has 165 members of parliament of which 150 are based in Senegal and 15 in the diaspora.  

Source: Picture: Moustapha Niasse head of the National Assembly in Dakar