Senegalese Marabout, Mouride leader dies

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Cheikh Bethio Thioune, a marabout and a Mouride leader who was sentenced Monday to 10 years for murder charges with hard labour in absent has died in a hospital in France on Tuesday after long illness. He was 81.

Cheikh Bethio was a very influential Mouride leader and very wealthy man who had lot of followers. He was arrested in 2012 after an incident at his village, Samba Loabe in which a fight occurred.

The fight that was not far from his house claimed the lives of two.

In 2013 he was granted bail. Thioune was in France for several months for medical treatment.

The court in Mbour Senegal also ordered that he should pay a fine of 200 million CFA for the two death of two people