Senegalese children to visit The Gambia as tourists

Monday, April 16, 2018

As part of activities to promote summer camp and seasonal tourism, the Senegalese Association of Vacation in collaboration with The Gambia Hotel Association (GHA) are working on a process to bring Senegalese school children to The Gambia as tourists during the coming summer holiday.

Speaking to Tourism and Entertainment journalists shortly after their discussion at Ocean Bay Hotel in Bakau, chairman of The Gambia Hotel Association Bunama Njie said they invited the Senegalese association to discuss ways of bringing the country’s students from different schools under one roof to The Gambia for two weeks to mingle with other students.

“We are looking at this as a potential business venture through our summer season which is now called green season or tropical season. The Gambia is a seasonal destination and GHA as the leading tourism deliverer in this country, decide that we prolong the season from six months to at least eight to ten months.

Mr. Njie said the plan is a much needed breakthrough and it will help to further cement their relationship with other associations within Senegal to ensure that they promote sub-regional tourism.

Badara Badjan, president of Senegal’s association of summer camp holidays said the purpose of the meeting is to discuss about the way forward of bringing children from Senegal to The Gambia to spend their holidays as tourists. “We are here on the invitation of The Gambia Hotel Association to discuss anything concerning child-tourism.

Mr. Badjan added that the main challenges they encounter each time they attempt to bring children to The Gambia is the ferry crossing and customs. “We are appealing to Gambian authorities to help us in the ferry crossing and customs because this is on promoting tourism between the two countries. Last year, over 2,000 Senegalese children came to The Gambia on holidays,” he said.

Jim H. Johansen, general manager of Lemon Creek hotel said the idea is a great move in promoting tourism in The Gambia and to create good relationship between the two countries. “During summer we want as much turnover as we can get and to us, since Senegal is a good chance, I think we need to take this opportunity and cooperate and see how much we can get tourists from Senegal.”

Author: Njie Baldeh