Senegal mourns death of Murid’s leader, Death of the religious leader of Murids brotherhood

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Murid community of Senegal and around the world is in mourning. The seventh religious leader died on Jan. 9, 2018 in the evening. The religious leader bowed out at the age of 92 after a long illness that had kept him out of the public eye for months. He leaves behind a whole country in mourning. The Point gives you a portrait of this multidimensional man who has made his mark at the head of the most important religious community in Senegal.

Seven! This is the figure of his religious personality. Figure of perfection. Sheikh Sidy Moctar Mbacké, 7th son of Mouhamadou Lamine Barra and 7th Khalife of Touba, well embodies the values of this figure that make him a silo of virtues. For the Murids faithful, it is a resort and a shelter. He spoke little, if not to instruct. He was a religious and moral authority to who rush all the Murids adepts and especially those who hold the Temporal or work to conquer it.
On the eve of the Touba Magal, his name punctuated the public speech so that an attempt to read the figure number seven would be exciting.

His name invaded the Murid community very well even before his access to the Khalifat. Serigne Cheikh Maty Lèye is the affectionate name by which the disciples delight in designating him. And this name is reminiscent of his mother, Sokhna Maty Lèye, a devout woman of virtue.
The spiritual dimension of his father, Serigne Mouhamadou Lamine Barra, son of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba and Sokhna Aminata Lo, is the chorus of praises sung loudly to celebrate his ancestry and his gigantic devotion that can be read on his illuminated faces. Sheikh Sidy Moctar Mbacké, whom others call Serign Cheikh Maty Lèye was a Khalif, each of whom sought a blessing and in whom each politician would like moral and public support from him.
But the Holy Man leads his life as an exegete and spiritual guide with one mission: to further promote the teaching and action of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba and to serve exclusively the Muslim world and Touba. His personality, which fits well with the mythical figure Seven, can be read in Seven Axes.
Hard worker

The work ethic is a cultural and cultural value in the Mouride community. He ennobled and allowed the disciples to enjoy his production in order to practice freely and properly the Muslim rite.
This value is entirely in Sheikh Sidy Moctar Mbacké. He had a lot of infrastructure built and explores huge fields of agricultural production. He was an indefatigable worker and a tireless builder. The projects implemented by his successors including Serigne Saliou Mbacké have been completed thanks to his determination. This is the case with the enlargement of the Grand Mosque and the University of Touba.
 A double heritage
Sheikh Sidy Moctar is an heir to his father, Serigne Mouhamadou  Lamine Barra, and Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba. His father was of great devotion which impressed him: his vows, formulated according to a prayer of which he alone was the secret, led to a prompt exaltation. And his grandfather, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, was Holiness himself.
This double heritage has made him a haven of wisdom and virtue. Submissions to Allah, work, temperance, fortitude, truth are, among other things, the identity signs of his religious personality.

Illuminated Mysticism
Sheikh Sidy Moctar Mbacké very soon reached the Supreme Self to have sacrificed his Self from an early age. In his action as a Caliph, in his teaching and in his instructions, he read an ecstatic soul who always swooned at the bosom of Allah.
His mysticism teaches that Allah is all, in all and at the same time above all, both imminent and transcendent. His daily message is to awaken in each Mouride disciple a higher awareness of his multiple relationships with Allah, His Prophet and Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.
His mystical vision of the world is fueled by Islam. His work as a builder is a living expression of Allah’s transcendence. All the works he carries out lead to the Great Mosque that leads to Prayer.

Destiny Tracer and Builder
Sheikh Sidy Mbacke continued to trace the fate of the city of Touba by consolidating the work of its processors.
He also traced the fate of thousands of faithful who solicit his prayers, including Macky Sall who, although having never won in suffrage the religious city, enjoys an aura that rises crescendo. This is evidenced by the instructions he gives to be welcomed with all the honors, which contributes to the expansion of his local popularity.
To the youth, he instructed to “return to Daaras, fields and Mosques”, in other words, to Education, Work and Prayer. And to all the disciples, he brought the soul of a collective life made of prayers of solidarity actions.
He is a soul builder who brought to the Mouride community a vision of the world dominated by a kind of prophetism even in the most everyday acts of life. And the respect of his instructions makes the soul of the disciple always strengthened and ecstatic.

The truthful
Sheikh Sidy Moctar is a man of truth. He possessed nothing and is possessed by nothing, except his faith in Allah, in His Prophet (PBUH) and in Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba. It is natural that he asserts his truths without hurting with a wise courtesy.

When disciples went astray or when an unglamorous act of one of them reached him, he gived a direct lecture. Some, whose surname is Mbacké who had to have an attitude identical to a drift have “heard”. To the trade unionists, to the political class and to certain public figures, he held a language of truth punctuated by quotations from the Koran and instruction from Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba. And he takes the time to wisely argue and impose an absolute truth.
The Shahada allows him to distinguish the Real from the True. Nothing can be right except what Allah wants.

An ingrained and open mind
Sheikh Sidy Moctar was born in 1925, but others say 1924. He was of another generation engulfed in a strong Wolof culture and rooted in a fertile Islamic cult. This did not prevent him from being a Saint-man who accompanied marvelously the first steps of the 21st century and the current generation.

His immense ability to listen makes him a Blessed with an open mind. He knew how to interpret the aspirations of citizens and seize the common denominator to invite the Temporary in providing a solution. His vision and his action emanated a great future project that united Faith and development.
With the political class, it makes no distinction and grants each political leader a blessing according to his status. His openness made him a generous guide

A gatherer of human energies

Sheikh Sidy Moctar was a rallying force. He united without confusing and distinguishes without separating. He virtuously assumed his priestly mission of Caliph and put all the disciples in the same situation by granting his brothers, cousins, nephews, nieces, and allies’ equal attention.
The Dahiras constitute a unit before its moral authority. For him, the seeds of the future and the strength of the Mouride brotherhood are where groups of disciples gather, concert and act in a unitary dynamic to carry off the teachings of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.
In him, reads Holy man who lived the 20th century and lived the 21st with the common prayer of millions of disciples who wished him a very long life.

Author: Amadou Barry in Dakar
Source: Picture:Serign Sidy Moctar Mbacké (1924-2017) had taken office in June 2010