Senegal election

Friday, March 01, 2019

The Senegalese voters have spoken loudly to cherish democracy and choose for continuity.

President Macky Sall was on Sunday re-elected and a formal announcement made yesterday for a second term of five years with 58.27%, Idrissa Seck with 20.54%, Ousman Sonko 15.67%, Issa Sall 4.07% and Madicke Niang 1.48%.

The European Union, Ecowas, AU and the USA all commended Senegal for the high participation of 65% of voter-turnout and the transparent manner on how the election was conducted with on-the-spot counting, witnessed by the representatives of all the political parties, the media and observers.

After the close of pools last Sunday at 6 p.m., counting started and journalists were allowed to report the figures which were displayed on black boards.

The Senegalese use ballot box and inedible ink to vote in secret ballot.

During the three weeks campaign, all five candidates were allowed to use the state TV, RTS for seven minutes daily. Senegal is one of the most democratic countries in the continent by promoting freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and democracy.

Macky Sall was first elected in 2012 when he defeated Abdoulaye Wade by 65% for a term of seven years, and then he decided to introduce the two term limits of five years.

His new mandate will end in 2024 and he will no longer be a candidate.

His advantage over his rivals is the socio economic plan of development in Infrastructure, Health, Education, Agriculture, Transport, and helping the needy by giving them allowances.

As part of his mandate to fight poverty in Senegal, Macky’s government allocated soft loans to women and youths amounting to 32 billion CFA to allow them to venture into different business ventures.

With the recent discovery of gas, petrol and minerals which can be explored anytime, this is also a big blessing for Senegal.

Senegalese presidential elections are organised through a majority system, with run off. The president is elected by universal direct suffrage. This explains that one must secure at least D51% of the total votes cast before being declared a winner.

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”

Joseph Stalin