Segwich honoured to win GCF National Open Championship

Friday, November 24, 2017

David Segwich, the Gambia Chess Federation International Chief Arbiter from UK has said that he was pleased to win the Gambia National Open Chess Championship held at KMC community centre over the weekend.

Segwich who coordinated the event was given the chance to take part in the competition by the Gambia Chess Federation and added that he was not only surprised emerging as winner but was honored with the opportunity to take part in the competition.

Segwich is also in Banjul for a week-long visit to support and help the federation in their quest to develop and expand the game in the country.

He noted that he did not expect to beat the best Gambian players but admitted that he had one big advantage over them because he gets regular tournaments and match practice in UK.

Tournaments are not frequently organised in The Gambia but they hope to change that, he went on, saying Gambian chess has not progressed the way they wanted due to lack of funds.

He said they hope to stage a tournament in the Gambia in March 2018 for the Gambia against Senegal which depends on the availability of funds, pointing out that, that will be a very good game for the development of chess in the two countries.

He went on to say that they also plan to stage a seminar for international arbiters and stage the final the 2018 Gambia National Chess Championship in which he has to defend his title.

He further said that this championship will determine which Gambian players will represent the country in the International Chess Olympiad which will also require significant funding.

He highlighted the importance of having a chess café for the Gambia Chess Federation where they can regularly hold chess competitions to enable the country stage championships without huge cost.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: David Segwich