Seedy Njie welcomes Darboe’s VP appointment, downplays GDC Youth chair’s comments

Friday, July 06, 2018

The former APRC spokesperson and Jammeh loyalist Seedy S.K. Njie has welcomed the appointment of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe as vice president and says Gambia Democratic Congress’s Youth Chairman M.C. Cham’s comments about Barrow’s government having no sense of direction were not a fair comment.

The last minister under Jammeh’s rule made these remarks in an exclusive interview with The Point on Wednesday at his residence.

“Honourable Darboe has lots of experience in terms of politics and he is a legal luminary and I think with the vast experience of knowledge he had over the past decades, for me Gambians can expect that he will add value and he will bring along expertise in the office of the vice president.”

Njie said he was baffled when people called and ask if Darboe should have been appointed as VP.

“Some people have been calling me and I said; is Honorable Darboe not a Gambian? You want to tell me that certain position are meant for Gambians and other positions some Gambians cannot hole those positions.”

“For me, to be honest, he deserves it like any other Gambian, for me, to be honest, despite all odds anybody that is appointed for a position of minister or vice president I think Gambians should wish you well and to hope that you will live up to expectations.”

Seedy also played down claims made by the youth mobiliser of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Modou Cham alias M.C. Cham in a news article published in The Point that Barrow’s government has no direction.

“To be fair to you that is an unfair statement to President Barrow and his government, in fact to the wider populace of The Gambia considering the fact that President Barrow and his government have a lot on their plate.”

“He spoke about sense of direction and due process, democracy and rule of law,” he said. “To be honest there is always a room for improvement but since President Barrow ascended to power, he has done tremendously well in trying to fulfill the social contract he has with the Gambian people specially in the area of democracy, good governance and respect for rule of law.”

“More often than not, there are pockets of mistakes here and there, to be more explicit the Faraba incident.” However, he said the reactions of President Barrow and his government towards the incident was democratic, apt, timely and based on the principles of rule of law. He also used the opportunity to send his condolence to the bereaved families.

“His office came with a press release to extend their condolences and condemned the act. Secondly we saw the president himself addressed the nation and he affirmed his commitment to the rule of law, his commitment towards guaranteeing the freedom of movement and expressions of the people and he condemned the use of live firearms on unarmed civilians and acted swiftly within 24hrs. He ordered for coronas inquest and set up a presidential inquiry to the whole saga.”

He made mention of the efforts the president personally made, noting that he visited the injured at the hospital and ensured their medical bills were taken care of and also visited Faraba.

Njie urged Gambians to be more patient and continue to exercise the peace the people are known for.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Seedy Njie