Seedy Njie: APRC Busumbala attack was an act of ‘hooliganism’

Friday, January 12, 2018

Spokesperson of Gambia’s former ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-Orientation and Construction (APRC) party has pointed an accusing finger on some aggrieved members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) for launching an attack on their caravan at Busumbala Wednesday evening, calling it an act of ‘hooliganism’.

Seedy S.K. Njie said the Wednesday attack on ‘us’ has led to several of their party members sustain injuries and damage of properties.

The incident, which sparked a wave of panic in the country, saw a violent confrontation between the APRC members and Busumbala people. It is not yet confirmed who first launched the attack but Mr. Njie said they are “peaceful” people who were on a lawful mission and were attacked by the Busumbala people.

Mr. Njie, who was one-time former President Yahya Jammeh’s nominated National Assembly member and later his communications minister, said they were on their lawful mission on when they were attacked by an angry mob at Busumbala.

The APRC party is currently on a nationwide rally which took them across President Barrow’s native village of Mankamang Kunda in the country’s farthest region, Upper River Region where another fight occurred between the party members and the villagers last week. “This is becoming a habit in Busumbala,” he said. “During our last October rally, the people of Busumbala attacked us, damaged some of our properties and they repeated it again and nothing is done about it.”

During the Wednesday incident, the two sides had a serious confrontation causing traffic and movement stagnant. Women and children were frantically running for their lives as car screens were damaged.

“I am not resting until I revenge what they did to my sister. They break he eyes and I must also do the same to one of them,” a Busumbala youth was quoted as saying at the scene.

A few number of Police Intervention Unite officers were deployed at Busumbala during the confrontation but they had found it hard to put the situation under control. Many people blamed the police for acting lightly on the matter, saying if such confrontation continues to happen, it may lead to political fight in the country.

Mr. Njie accused the government of playing a one-sided game, saying they have been attacked several times but nothing has been about it.

Since the going into exile in Malabo, Equitorial Guinea of the country’s former President Yahya Jammeh last January, many Gambians called for the permanent ban of the APRC party in the country.

Mr. Jammeh lost his seat of presidency to Adama Barrow in the December 2016 Presidential elections. He ruled the tiny West African nation for twenty-years during which he was accused of human rights violation and corruption.  

Author: Amadou Jallow
Source: Picture:Seedy Njie Spokesperson of Gambia’s APRC party