Security personnel trains on gender responsiveness

Monday, July 23, 2018

National Security Council in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other international bodies recently conducted gender responsiveness training for security institutions towards Security Sector Reform (SSR).

Addressing the gathering, national security adviser to the president, Momodou Badjie said the basis of security sector reform is to transform the security sector to make it more effective, professional and accountable to civilian authority.

He said during the past regime, security officers experienced abuse and authoritarian rule to the extent that the sector was not adhering to the core principles of the profession and lacked the requisite protection that was expected from the population.

“The SSR has done an assessment that makes it different from other traditional security training and the report indicated some findings that basically talk about mal-function, lack of adequate training, lack of logistics and abuse in equity in terms of gender,” he said.

Mr. Badjie said government has promised to reform all the security sectors especially the SSR that would make the sector more efficient. He maintained that SSR is normally aligned to the need for justice and as such, it is not disconnected to socio-economic development of the country.

“The assessment upon its completion highlighted some crucial issues that were absent and the non-existence of key legal frameworks that essentially were needed to guide and to spell out the mandates and functions of the respective security institutions. Upon that, we found it necessary to put the formulation of National Security Policy as a high priority.”

 Mr. Badjie emphasized that security sector is a global norm that follows democratic principles to ensure that nations achieve a security that respects human rights, rule of law and is accountable to civilian authority.

He said the objective of SSR is to have a transformed security sector that would be under the control of the civilian authority but the means is how to get there. “You cannot have a successful security sector reform without building the capacities of the oversight mechanism.” 

Author: Fatou Dem & Sanna Jallow