Security for the people

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our president has just launched a national security initiative called Security Sector Reform Project to get a well organised and disciplined force in the country that would be there to serve not only the interest of the powers that be or the government of the day.

Rather it should serve, as it foremost responsibility, the nation, the people, the society.

We find the President’s statement on this initiative very interesting and direct, especially in saying that: “The reforms initiated are to ensure an effective and accountable security sector under democratic control with full respect for human rights, the rule of law, and fundamental principles of good governance.”

We would therefore like to commend the initiative, as, if the objective - as the president stated - is attained, we will surely have or experience a better, refined, and formidable security service in this country.

We have for long had a security apparatus that was there to serve and protect the powers that be more than it would to the civilians or the people. Rather it won’t hesitate to torture, detain under harsh conditions, or turn its guns on the people in order to keep a government in power.

The role of the security, we believe, is far beyond just serving and protecting the powers that be. It is actually there to serve a nation, which includes the leaders of the government in power.

A well-trained, disciplined and formidable force that can serve the nation should be the most fundamental objective of a democratic regime that is out to observe human rights and the rule of law in a country.

The president also said: “The security sector reform process will enable us to once again take charge of our own security and destiny.” This is also very true, and if this will be the case in the new dispensation, a lot of progress will be achieved, politically, socially and economically.

Security for the people, justice and good governance will always pave the way for the smooth growth and development of a nation.  So it will be good if the Barrow government could really get us a disciplined force or security apparatus that would ensure peace, and observe the human and fundamental rights of the citizenry and all those within that sovereignty.

Meanwhile, as citizens we should always enadevour to keep the peace and tranquility of our nation.

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security".

Jodi Rell