Second phase of democratic governance, others underway

Monday, October 07, 2019

Second phase of the National Center for Civic Education (NCCE) nationwide dialogue with citizens on democratic governance, tolerance and peaceful coexistence is underway in Lower River Region (LRR).

Program manager Yusupha Bojang explained that they have completed the first phase in Central River and North Bank Regions. He added that the purpose is to raise awareness of citizens on democracy, good governance, and to promote dialogue, reconciliation, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

“We want people to understand that democracy is a governance system that empowers every citizen to have a voice and to freely express themselves with regards to the way the government operates. It is also a system that helps to empower citizens to be able to make genuine decision,” he said.

Mr. Bojang said they want people to be empowered to come out and compete for any position or to follow whoever they want to because the power and authority emanates from the people.

He challenged the community to make best use of the information disseminated to them and to inform others. He also emphasized that they are not gathering people for politics, instead to dialogue for national development.

“Democracy goes with the rule of law. Do not confront, fight or insult anyone because of your political differences,” he reiterated.

 Junkung Saidy of NCCE said citizens most play their roles in the development of the country, while calling on them to respect the rule of law, saying democracy cannot go without the law.

Ansumana Yabou also highlighted that part of their mission is to dialogue and sensitize people on how democracy works and how to choose their leaders, saying power of government resides on the people. “It is only dialogue that can end the confrontations that are happening in our communities. We should work for the betterment of the country and the development depends on us.”

He called on the people of the community to take part in politics, while reminding them to distance from tribal politics.

Bunja Sanyang, Alhagie Danjo Sanneh and Yahya Jassey, all natives of Kaiaf expressed thanked NCCE for their efforts in reaching their community to deliver such useful messages to them.

Author: Pa Modou Cham