Second Jangjanbureh Kunkurang festival to start tomorrow

Thursday, January 17, 2019

National Center for Arts Culture (NCAC), Gambia Tourism Board (GTB) and the community of Jangjanbureh will commence the second edition of the annual Jangjanbureh Kankurag festival this Friday in Jangjanbureh.

Sponsored by the European Union funded Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), the three days festival will bring together young people geared towards developing the community of Jangjanbureh and its  surrounding.

Speaking at a press conference in Banjul, Sheikh Omar Jallow, NCAC director of performing and fine arts said, about fifteen different masquerades of The Gambia will be participating at the festival.”

He urged Gambians to join to witness the festival, saying many untold and unseen manifestations will happen there.

Muhammed Saidykhan, head of the festival marketing said the Suta Kunkujang from Niumi, Senko Kunkurang from Wuli Bantu, Mamo Kankurag from Niamina Katamina and Dankunku, Demba Ning Nyako Kankurag from Kiang Quinella, Wuri Kunkurang from Kudang, Efamnondi from Tabanani, Jamba Kunkurang from Niani Kayai and the three Fitaa Kunkurangs from Jangjanbureh will be displaying at the festival.

Mr. Saidykhan said, the idea of the festival is to empower young people of Jangjanbureh and create jobs for them, saying 8o of them have already being recruited which will broaden their horizon in event management. “We want to make Jangjanbureh a tourism hub in The Gambia.”

Acting director general of NCAC Hassoum Ceesay said the festival is a joint venture in which NCAC will provide the technical support, YEP will do the financing and the community will lead the implementation.

He emphasised that festivals are important in cultural preservation and revival, saying that they have cultural manifestations and expressions. “For a cultural expression to live it has to be manifested,” he said.

He said the most significant part of the festival falls within the National Development Plan in its target to use culture to create jobs for youths.

Author: Adam Jobe-Jallow