School boy, blind dad, laud VDF scholarship bailout

Monday, October 02, 2017

Lamin, a father of a brilliant lad, who scored aggregate 16 in his Junior School exam held the hands of his son, as they find their way through the crowd gathered at the Abuko Abattoir to receive a cheque that covers a full year scholastic package for the student, including tuition fees, book bills and other school expenses.

Even when the crowd clapped and cheered for him as his name was announced, the young man was in tears and could not raise his head to look up at the cameras and lurking eyes of spectators gathered there.

“I do not have enough words to express what this means to me and my family,” Lamin said. He scored Aggregate 16 from the Junior School exams and his aspiration to study commerce was nearly dashed, due to his family in capacities to support him financially.

His mum, who engages in petty trade to support the family, suffered complications during maternal delivery. The operations she underwent made it impossible for her to do these tasks anymore.

“I have been hearing about Modou Darboe and the VDF’s work in supporting the needy. So, I wrote to him seeking sponsorship for my education. Today, I am here to receive the cheque,” he said, as he struggled to keep his eyes from dripping tears.

To all those present, it was difficult to say whether they were in tears of joy or sadness. “I have been blind for 17 years… Lamin is my life’s main investment. Apparently, we are stuck in our drive to support his aspirations to continue his education,” Lamin’s father, nearly 50, said expressing heartfelt thanks to Modou Turo Darboe for the bail-out.

12 bulls, 773,000 distributed

Meanwhile, the Vision Development Foundation (VDF) and its benefactor, Modou Darboe also gave several aid packages, including 12 bulls to different mosques in observance of the Islamic New Year.

Some of the mosques that benefitted from the largesse included Siffo, Kiti, Sukuta, Gunjur, Faji Kunda, Latri Kunda Sabiji, Kiang Keneba, Fajara, and Busumbala Busumbala.

Two D100, 000 cheques were also given to the Banjul Central Mosque Committee to help renovate their mosque and the Serrekunda General Hospital. According to a delegate from the hospital’s management, the VDF is funding the purchase and installation of crucial surgical equipment the hospital urgently needs.

The office of the Association of NGOs also received a cheque for D150, 000, earmarked for their work, while Kotu and Masroor schools also went away with D7, 000 and D3, 400 cheques, respectively. 

Author: Sanna Camara