SBEC International holds 16th graduation

Monday, June 11, 2018

Shiloh Bilingual Education Centre (SBEC International School) last Saturday conducted its 16th graduation ceremony for ninety-seven Early Childhood Development (Nursery school) and Arabic pupils.

The ceremony was held at the SBEC high school auditorium in Salagi on the theme:“Early years last forever.”

Head of the school’s ECD section Ms. Yassin Ndure explained that the graduating students were actively nurture to become good citizens. She said ECE is the bedrock of a child’s future, saying that is why it is unwise to neglect education of children especially at their early age.

“These connections are the building blocks of a child’s future. But if a child is poorly nourished and nurtured, and  if the child is not stimulated properly and protected from negative factors such as verbal or physical violence, then his or her development is seriously affected, sometimes.”

She explained that a child whose brain does not develop properly may not learn as well or earn as much,”and not developing into his/her full potential hurts both her and the society.”

The school’s head of Arabic sector Oustass Abubacar Darboe also explained that SBEC Arabic section is the newest and youngest section of the school, established just some four years ago and graduated its 4th batch.

“The main purpose of SBEC Arabic section is to ensure that every single child in the school is not left behind, but able to read the Qur’an and write both in Arabic and English. We will continue our efforts to complement our aims of building and producing moderate Muslim and role model in community who are able to live together with a high sense of religious and cultural tolerance and free from all forms of extremism and intolerance.” he stated.

Oustass Darboe stressed that the school has made it possible by coming up with a well-designed Qur’anic memorization programme aimed at making their students memorize the Holy Qur’an by the time of reaching grade six.

Guest speaker of the ceremony Ms. Kombeh Gaye said early childhood refers to the period from birth to around six years of a child, saying 80 percent of the brain is developed between the ages of 0-3 years and by the age of five, it is 90 percent developed.

She said children between the ages of 0-6 are gifted with beautiful gift of an absorbent mind, which behaves much like a video camera set on recording. .

Mrs Gaye at such age, their mind captures and retains every detail of its environment and experience and anything it sees, hears, feels and smells becomes part of him/her. “It is these interactions with other humans and the experiences it has to shape the human that he/she will become. In 2191 days, child’s intelligence is formed and in 72 months, the child’s executive function skills which determine their livelihood of success as an adult are determined.” 

Author: Pa Modou Cham