SAO took part in the “March for Our Lives” held in Washington D.C & donated cases of water bottles.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Founder and CEO of Smile African Orphans (SAO) Miss Njemeh Bah joined by a team of volunteers on Monday March 26, 2018 joined hundreds & thousands of youths in Washington DC for “March for Our Lives”. The peaceful match pass organized by students around the Country is a call for a sensible gun control laws from our lawmakers in the State Capital after the most recent Fatal School shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Fla. While taking part in this march, the SAO team was involved in the march and donated cases of water bottles to the protestors.

Miss Bah, CEO of SAO was in Washington DC for a business trip on the same weekend of March for Our Lives”. According to Miss Bah “I flew in to Washington DC with no knowledge of this organized march. I became aware of the march after I landed from my 6 hours flight from Seattle to Washington DC. So as a single mother raising a child in the United States, and more importantly knowing what my organization SAO stands for when it comes to the safety and the wellbeing of our future generation; who are considered young people or children of today, I decided to contribute my quarter in the call for actions towards the safety of future generation and Sensible Gun control laws. I felt like that was great opportunity for me and the organization to contribute by not only joining in on the march to protest, but by donated bottles of water to the brave individuals making a difference for the future generation. Miss Bah went on to lament on how inspired she was by the Men, Women and Young children from all race, age, and gender marching for the right course”.

Miss Bah was quick to add that this act on behalf of my organization is by no means political, it is an act based on humanity “as a community or people in general, regardless of our background, nationality, race, or gender. I believe we have a collectively role and a great responsibility to play in the safety and protection of our children. Lady Bah believes in the establishment of a violent free environment, in which peace and stability will be promoted. This should be the shinning model of this great nation and all other nation that seeks to develop their future generations.

Miss Bah, in conclusion expression appreciation to her team of volunteers who helped in the distributions of the water, most of whom she doesn’t know but only met at the event. “I would also commend everybody specially the women and children who took part in the march with no fear to let their voices be heard as they demand for a positive change in the protection of our school children. I say bravo to all, together we can bring about the changes needed for our communities. Finally thank you to the volunteers I met on the ground who helped SAO as we hand out water bottles. This people did all that out of pure kindness.”