Taking Minutes of Meetings by Joanna Gutmann

Monday, October 08, 2018

Issued Friday 5 October 2018

Minutes are vital to the success of meetings. Attendees rely on them for information they may have missed, and they serve as an essential communications tool for non participants. In addition, the action points highlighted in minutes act as a timely reminder for the whole organization. Taking minutes involves listening skills as well as the ability to absorb information and summarize it simultaneously. In fact the unsung hero of any corporate meeting is the minute-taker, quietly and diligently recording the decisions, big and small, that fuel the engines of business. Minute-taking is not simply the process of scribbling notes on a pad. A skilled minute-taker distills lengthy discussions down to their essential messages, and creates order and harmony from the often discordant process of reaching a consensus.

Written by training consultant and secretarial education expert Joanna Gutmann, Taking Minutes of Meetings is a no-nonsense, self-teaching tool instructing the potential committee secretary in the theory and application of proper forms for taking minutes (records) of a meeting. Chapters cover tips for setting up a meeting, personal preparation recommendations, guidelines for taking notes and constructing minutes, how to record decisions and actions in such a manner that any reader will immediately understand what happened, and much more.

This updated edition includes brand new chapters with guidance on using technology to maximize effectiveness, taking minutes for different types of meetings, the difference between notes and minutes, advice on writing for those with dyslexia and how to politely interrupt during a meeting.


In this summary, you will learn

•           Why minute-taking is an important aspect of any meeting;

•           How to record the message behind the words;

•           How to structure the record accurately; and

•           How to create user-friendly meeting agendas and minutes using practical guidelines.

This volume offers essential guidance for all of those involved in taking minutes, a skill which is poorly understood on many committees. Highly recommended.

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