Sanyang VDC inaugurates new community fishing boat

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Sanyang Village Development Committee (VDC) has inaugurated a new community fishing boat, financed by the committee to add value to their fund raising activities towards the development of the community.

VDC chairman Lamin Bojang said the new fishing boat will not only serve as an addition towards the development progress of the village but will also create job opportunities for youth.

He said VDCs as community local governance authority, has a duty to create development ventures that will bring potential economic and livelihood benefits to the people they serve. “It is our duty as a VDC to complement the work of the government in improving the economic and livelihood status of her citizenry. That is why we took it as a duty to create not only job opportunities but also to improve the livelihood standard of anyone who might work in the boat,” he said

Assistance secretary of the VDC, Yusupha Jassey said they anticipate that the fishing boat will not only create employment but it will also allow the participation of the country’s youthful population into the fishing sector.

He said as the country’s fishing industry is almost entirely dominated by foreigners, which will no doubt paint negative impact on the regulation of the economy, it would be important to introduce potential workable policies that will allow the contribution of her youthful population into the fishing sector. 

 “We are not only enhancing employment for our youth but we will also boost their participation in the fishing industry. We are also urging the government to create the enabling environment for youth to take part in the fishing sector.”

Author: Yusupha Jobe